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Our Mission

The team at 3C Compassionate Care Centers are dedicated to providing the best medicine for those in need.   We understand that Medical Marijuana is a new and much needed alternative for many individuals to help alleviate numerous and often painful medical conditions.  As such, the team at 3C will ensure that our patients are educated in the best strain of medicine for their specific need.

An image of the 3C team running the Naperville and Joliet medical marijuana dispensaries
Our Mission:

Deliver the best possible medicine for people in need while funding research for curing neurological illnesses such as SCI, MS, ALS and others.

Profits For a Cure

The team at 3C has committed to donating 20% of all profits to continue to raise funds for the neurological conditions that result in paralysis and sometimes fatal illnesses.  The group will also be donating an additional 5% of its profits to the communities in which they will reside.  

3C strongly believes that their centers can not only help those realize significant relief from their medical problems but raise funds to help cure many of the conditions that cause so many people so much pain. 

3C Compassionate Care Center

Naperville and Joliet locations opening in early 2015.


The 3C Compassionate Care Center donates a large percentage of Medical Marijuana profits to the United Paralysis Foundation.  A non-profit dedicated to curing paralysis and various neurological diseases.